The Koala hand sanitizer is manufactured by Beaming White, which is best known for manufacturing the world’s best teeth whitening products and other products for the professional beauty industry. We are ISO 9000 and cGMP-certified and are registered as an OTC pharmaceutical manufacturer with the FDA. We are also in the process of obtaining certification as a medical device manufacturer.

We have been making the most deliciously scented (eucalyptus) hand sanitizer in the world for years, but it was a niche product for people and businesses that wanted a very high quality hand sanitizer and were willing to pay for it. It wasn’t until 2020 that we started manufacturing sanitizer in massive volumes at more competitive prices. People who have tried it have always said they love the eucalyptus scent and how it leaves your hands feeling soft. In 2020 we also launched unscented and peppermint versions, and many people say they like our soft peppermint aroma even better than the eucalyptus. Other scents might be coming in the near future, but they need to make people say, “Wow, this smells really nice”, like our current two scents do. 😉

We offer a wide variety of bottles sizes as well as bulk. We can also develop and manufacture custom formulations, and we have many private label customers.